Hallo!, premiered in 2015, Moda Sahnesi, Istanbul-Turkey

Three Phasespremiered in 2012, 18th Istanbul Theatre Festival, Istanbul-Turkey

db-ll-bass / sound, body and instrument, premiered in 2012, 22nd Akbank Jazz Festival-Turkey

Play in Plane (work in progress), performed in 2010, 0090 Kunstenfestival, Antwerp-Belgium

SUPERMAN, performed in 2010, Dans Platform Istanbul-Turkey

10 Cypress “dedicated to Simon”performed in 2009, Inteatro Festival, Polverigi-Italy

harSpremiered in 2008, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels-Belgium

TRIO II, performed in 2008, La Ferme du Buisson, Paris-France

aKabıpremiered in 2005, Berliner Festspiele /Spielzeiteuropa, Berlin-Germany

PHMMM, performed in 2005 with MSGSÜ Devlet Konservatuarı students, Istanbul-Turkey

TREE I-II-IIIperformed in 2003, Sandima Village, Yalıkavak-Turkey

PHMMpremiered in 2003, Istanbul-Turkey

NonKanonpremiered in 2002, Borusan Art Gallery, Istanbul-Turkey

DENSITYpremiered in 2001, Istanbul Cultural Center, Istanbul-Turkey (special award at the Zurich Theater Spektakel

PHMpremiered in 2001, ODTU Contemporary Dance Days, Ankara-Turkey

IIIAOpremiered in 2000, Istanbul Cultural Center, Istanbul-Turkey

STKHpremiered in 2000, MSÜ Tophane, Istanbul-Turkey

db-II-BASSpremiered in 2000, Parcell Room, Royal Festival Hall, London-England

MIAOUpremiered in 2000, ODTU Contemporary Dance Days, Ankara-Turkey

GLASS IN-GLASS OUTpremiered in 1999, Blitz99, Royal Festival Hall, London-England

FOCUSpremiered in 1999, Bursa-Turkey

DANCE EXHIBITIONpremiered in 1999, Istanbul-Turkey

TOWARDS INTERIOR IIpremiered in 1998, Istanbul Music Festivity 2, Istanbul-Turkey

UPS & DOWNSpremiered in 1998, Istanbul-Turkey

MOMENTUM IIpremiered in 1998, Istanbul-Turkey

CO-M(PRESS)ED, premiered in 1997, Assoc. of Interdisciplinary for young artist 2nd Performance Days, Istanbul-Turkey

TRIOpremiered in 1997, 1st International Student Triennial Istanbul-Turkey

MOMENTUMpremiered in 1997, Istanbul-Turkey

OBLIQUE FACEperformed in 1996, Orient Bridge Festival, Copenhagen-Denmark

PERMEABLEpremiered in 1996, Istanbul-Turkey

CLASPED LIPS IIpremiered in 1996, Habitat II, Istanbul-Turkey

ROAD TO ASSOS, performed in 1995, Assos Performance Art Festival, Assos-Turkey

TOWARDS INTERIOR Ipremiered in 1995, Xample, Interdisciplinary art, Istanbul-Turkey

AULOS Vperformed in 1994, Playground & Under the Brooklyn Bridge, New York-USA

CLASPED LIPSperformed in 1993, New York University Faculty Concert, New York-USA

AULOS IVperformed in 1993, Antwerp Art Festival, “The Ark Project”, Antwerp-Belgium

IDpremiered in 1993, American Dance Festival, Durham-North Carolina-USA

PRISMpremiered in 1993, Istanbul-Turkey

Gpremiered in 1993, Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, Istanbul- Turkey

KÖM-ÜRperformed in 1992, Istanbul-Turkey

AULOS IIIperformed in 1992, Istanbul-Turkey

AULOS IIperformed in 1991, Istanbul, Turkey

AULOS Iperformed in 1990,Istanbul-Turkey

DIARYpremiered in 1989, Istanbul-Turkey

TANGOMANIApremiered in 1987, Aberdeen Youth Festival, Scotland (Currently in repertory of Ankara State Opera and Ballet)

ENDLESSpremiered in 1986, Istanbul-Turkey

DEDICATED TO YOUNG PEOPLEpremiered in 1985, Young Stars Festival, Istanbul-Turkey

1/2 = 2/1premiered in 1984, Istanbul-Turkey

WHEREpremiered in 1983, Istanbul-Turkey

CITY INTERACTIONpremiered in 1981, New York-USA

CAGEpremiered in 1980, New York-USA

MOREpremiered in 1980,New York-USA