Rust in Time (installation)

Concept: Aydin Teker
Mask Design: Ana Hopfer
Photos: Gene Bauer
Architecture Consultant: Erguvan & Mahir Unal
Camera: Eytan Ipeker, Yoel Melanda, Kadir Kandemir
Editing: Eytan Ipeker
Photos: Banu Zafer

Special thanks to Fusun Eczacibasi and Dikmen Gurun for their support.

Aydin Teker documented in photographs, video and journal, her long trip in the summer of 2012 in the USA carrying the mask of her own face. Inspired from this interesting project, the artist prepares for Visibility Project 8 an installation and a performance in which the rust of the past and the future coincides on the same level.

Fusun&Faruk Eczacibasi Building, Galata Tower Square, Istanbul between 3-24 November 2012 within 8th Visibility Project