“ka(bul)len-me”/ Marble/ TransForm

This project was thanks to my body and my skin. They have changed and transformed and have brought me to these days under all circumstances.

Last few years I have been watching the changes in my skin and started to have respect and compassion towards them. A few years ago I asked a photographer Rüçhan Gürşen to take pictures of my wrinkles and he accepted. So once a week I was going to his place and he was taking detailed pictures of my wrinkles. Then I went to Spain to walk the Santiago de Compostela by myself and visited many churches during my journey. Close to the end of my journey I got an invitation as a performance artist within the scope of the biennial’s preliminary activities Art Weeks. The concept was change and transformation. I got very excited because I was already working on it. When I returned back to Istanbul I immediately went to see the building and talked to the curator. She accepted to exhibit my wrinkles. While choosing the room for my exhibition, I saw a protrusion above the stairs. It reminded me of the sculptures which stood up above the walls inside the churches. I did my live performances “Marble“ there during the exhibition. Also the same day a glass sheet in front of the staircase railing caught my attention. I suddenly lifted my blouse up and put my belly against the glass and I thought  I can do a video here.

We made video shots and started editing. I began noticing a creature. He looked lonely and timid. He must have been in me for a long time but I didn’t realize until seeing him on the screen.

My body gave birth to my daughter Cagri. The same body gave another birth to my creature TransForm. I have love and affection for him. And I believe this gift is a return to my thanks.

It consisted of three parts

Exhibition “ka(bul)len-me” / recognition 2019

Marble (live performance) 2019

Video installation TransForm 2019



Photos: Rüçhan Güneş

Exhibited in 2019 Artnivo, Artweeks Akaretler, Istanbul-Turkey


0004©Özge Balkan     

Marble (live performance)

Concept and performance: Aydin Teker
Sound Installation: Nick Rothwell

Performed in 2019 Artnivo, Artweeks Akaretler




IMG_0078©Asiye Cengiz            


TransForm (video-installation)   

Concept and Performance: Aydin Teker
Sound installation: Hakkı Cengiz Eren

Camera: Umut Yılmaz Genç, Ömer Sait Birol
Editing: Ömer Sait Birol

Exhibited in 2019 Artnivo, Artweeks Akaretler



075____ZG_4385©Özge Balkan                 


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