Sürgün  [Offspring]

Concept and Direction: Aydin Teker
Director of Photography: İlyas Hayta
Performance: Metehan Kayan
Sound Design: Sarp Keskiner
Editing: Duygu Yaman
Costume: Petra

A poetic short essay, Aydın Teker’s Sürgün [Offspring] (2021) explores the bodily level connection between nature and mankind within the frame of ecological devastation. Crawling on an ancient pine tree at a very slow pace, the performer engages with the ancestral knowledge, and deals with the weight of aging in a delicate way. The film serves as an open metaphor for bodies that fade away.

Created in 2019 K2 Urla Breathing Zone, Daire K2 Contemporary Art Association


Ekran Resmi 2022-02-13 00.19.05


Ekran Resmi 2022-02-13 00.23.34           


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