Three phases

Company: Aydin Teker Project
Concept and choreography: Aydin Teker
Creative dancers: Bilge Sürmeli ve Irmak Altinbulak
Costume: Aysegul Alev
Platform Design: Bereket Ulusahin
Music: Charlie Rabuel
Light: Jiv Wagner
Duration: 40 min.

First Phase (…)
Second Phase Two
Third Phase Untitled

Three Phases is a minimal, but a complex work. It contains separate layers. The platforms that are used in the performance bring an architectural perspective to the work. By means of the moving platforms, planes are changing and the relationship between the bodies, space and moving planes are questioned. Another layer brings up the issue of ‘women’. Through the platforms, two women meet in three different risky situations. The dynamics between the characters never turn into a theatre show, but create an abstract association of ideas. This condition developed beyond the control of the choreographer-against her will, even- during the creation process..

Special Thanks to:
Nursen Bakir, Eytan Iseker and Yoel Meranda

Past Performances
18th Istanbul Theatre Festival, Istanbul, 17-18 May 2012
Kumbaraci50, Istanbul, Nov-Dec 2012 & Jan-March-Apr 2013

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