play in plane (work in progress)

Concept and Choreography: Aydin Teker
Created together with the dancers: 
Irmak Altinbulak, Yesim Coskun, Bilge Surmeli, Oguz Turgutgenc

Music: Selen Gülün
Costumes: Aysegül Alev
Light: Jiv M. Wagner

First presentation: December 2nd, 2010
0090 Kunstenfestival, Antwerp, Belgium

Project managament: Yelin Bilgin

The new piece by Aydın Teker makes me think of the ancient Karnak monument in France where one can see three thousand stones (several tons each) that are dug and dressed vertically in balance. Karnak is all about fighting against gravity and finding an impervious and imperious solution to express the consciousness of the blessing that is to be human. Teker’s new work is based on trying to walk on walls, it is about finding solutions because the earth has become a difficult place to live on. It is about preventing the fall, becoming a poetic equilibrist, an acrobat of everyday life. It is about how difficult it is to be a dancer, how difficult it is to be human. It is about difficulty, about finding creative solutions and about fighting the weight of living. It is about the effort of being light in a heavy world. You may recall Medusa, the greek mythological figure who could transform people into stone, just by looking. But Perseus, the hero of lightness with wings on his feet, kills her by cutting her head with a sword. Lightness, as Italo Calvino reminds us in his writing “Six Memos for the Next Millennium” can win over heaviness, over the weight of living. (Armando Menicacci)

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