Concept and Director: Aydın Teker


Performance: İlayda Evgin


Ekran Resmi 2023-02-04 19.00.46
Performance: Melih Kıraç


Performance: İlayda Evgin, Melih Kıraç


Space: Nishe
Material: Body
Mechanical: Deep Spinal Muscles
Video: Nur Akalın
Montage: Mercan Deniz

The artist describes this work, which consists of dance performances performed in a niche in one of the rooms of the inn, and a video that was later placed in that room, in her own words:

“This project, called ‘Frames’, which consists of three separate parts, started out from a niche in a small room.

This area, where a body can settle quite uncomfortably, was too narrow and angular to allow the body to move in a horizontal plane compared to the places I had experienced before. When we started working, the dancers experienced that the movements which can be performed at natural speed become difficult or even impossible as they slow down. In the process, the body began to understand the space and the space began to accept to the body. The source of the change was caused by the body starting to use the deep spinal muscles instead of the superficial muscles it used to use during movement.

Each frame underwent changes between the point at which the movement began and its end. We were careful not to plan this process. We tried to create only the space and the time that the body needs while the body creates its own path and story, if any. The process was difficult, long, but worthwhile.

Some questions started to form in my mind while I was writing the tag of the work. I named the work Frame. Was the niche a place or a material for me? The body itself was, of course, the material in this project, but when we think about it together with the slow movement, which is an insepearable part of the body, the body, besides being the material, also creates a space for the deep spinal muscles. Considering that I have not asked such questions in the works I have produced before, I think that it was a contribution of a year spent in close contact with my artist friends from different disciplines, and I feel lucky.”

Aydın Teker

September 2022

Ayşe Kaya
Aylin Ülkümen
Oral Ülkümen
Orhan Kelleci
Alev Türkmenilli
Onur Duygulu           


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